My first 1951 Club member!


Louise Jameson

Louise Jameson actress, and time traveller…

I had a lovely letter today from the delightful and talented actress Louise Jameson. She has agreed to become a member of the 1951 Club and now has the unique and singular honour of being the very first one. What an absolute star. Born in 1951, many of us will probably best remember Louise as Doctor Who’s lovely time-travelling companion Leela. She has also had starring roles in many series for the BBC including Tenko, Bergerac, Eastenders and River City. Her first love is the theatre and she is a highly sought after and accomplished performer.

One of my nicest response letters so far!

Picture of Louise as Doctor Who's time-travelling companion Leela.

Picture of Louise as Doctor Who’s time-travelling companion Leela.



9 responses to “My first 1951 Club member!

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  3. COOL!

  4. What a lovely lady!

  5. Wow, I know a lot of Dr Who fans (including me) who would love to meet Louise.

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