The British 1951 Penny

1951 British Penny

The British George VI  1951 Penny is a bit of a rare bird as only 120,000 were ever minted. Most others years pennies were minted in their millions apart from 1950 when 240,000 were minted and 1933 when only about 7 were minted. This was because there were enough pennies already in circulation so new ones just weren’t needed. Virtually all the pennies minted in 1951 were shipped to Bermuda.

1951 British Penny

The humble 1951 Penny can now fetch about £50 on the collectors market. I make that about 12,000 times its original value. Not bad !!

4 responses to “The British 1951 Penny

  1. Does the figure of only 120,000 pennies minted include the proof pennies that were included in the proof 1951 coin sets sold at the time of the Festival of Britain?

  2. Barry Greengrow

    There were also 20,000 for proof sets

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