The Space Shuttle 1981 – 2011

The Space Shuttle Atlantis landed successfully at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida at 05:56  (10:56  BST )  today, bringing the 30 year Shuttle Programme to a close. It was the 135th flight in shuttle history and comes 50 years to the day that astronaut Gus Grissom became the 2nd American in space aboard Liberty Bell 7.
The first Shuttle flew in April 1981. Interestingly 30 years before this everybody in the 1951 Club touched down on planet Earth. And here we all are another 30 years on wondering where we go from here!

Space Shuttle Atlantis touches down for the final time.

Distance travelled by the Space Shuttle fleet.


The Final Touchdown

2 responses to “The Space Shuttle 1981 – 2011

  1. It is amazing that this program is over and that the space shuttle is no longer a part of our culture. You don’t really think about how special it is until it is going away or gone.

  2. In 1951, the year I was born, the United States and the Soviet Union were both busy testing and adapting V2 rockets mainly for use as possible weapons. Hopefully … we seem to have moved on from this. I also well remember how excited and fascinated I was when both Sputnik 1 was launched and Yuri Gagarin later became the world’s first spaceman.
    That fascination and sense of awe has never left me and I feel it is the same for countless others.

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