We have contact … well almost.

I'm looking for Gort ... big guy ... 9 feet tall ... made of metal.

I’ve been very busy lately trying to contact many people with the purpose of them joining the 1951 club. I have to say that it’s going pretty well, although it can be very time consuming. I’m working from an A – Z  of names.

The very first name on my list is Frank Aaen, a Danish politician and economist. Unfortunately he is proving to be fairly elusive as I have sent him several emails but as yet with no success.It may well be that he simply has not received them and that they are currently hovering somewhere in cyberspace or living it up in the land of spam. That’s what I like to think anyway.

Frank Aaen

I think you would probably have to agree that a name starting with a double ‘A’ is a pretty impressive way to start an alphabetical list. So … I thought that maybe I could therefore write to an aardvark , a beautiful nocturnal African animal that feeds almost exclusively on ants and termites.

The only problem (opportunity in an extremely convincing disguise) is that I have not been able to track down any aardvarks born in 1951 … and anyway, they are very shy and retiring creatures who simply won’t answer their emails.

Dear Kris ... with reference to your letter about the 1951 club ...

The final name on my list is Jim Zylker … a retired American soccer player.

Jim Zylker

He obviously possesses an absolute humdinger of a name for a list to end but, alas, he is also proving very hard to track down. But … in the mean time I have discovered an insect called a zyzzyva which is a snouted beetle belonging to a genus of tropical American weevil.

Again … doesn’t look like emails are an option. It looks like my quest to track down Frank Aaen and Jim Zylker will have to continue then … so wish me luck!


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