Hitting 60 … My life in traffic signs (a plog) …

Today is my 60th birthday … 20/11/2011 … which is a pretty neat date on which to have a 60th birthday.
I have decided to mark this auspicious occasion with a PLOG … that is to say, a blog which is mainly pictures. In this instance I am illustrating my plog with traffic signs … always there but often totally ignored.
The subject of my plog is … my life in traffic signs …

I am asleep ... go away

20th November 1951 ...

On the bottle already ...

All of 10 ... just getting started ...

I still believe in Santa Claus

I want to be an engine driver

I become a man

I get married

It's all about understanding & compromise!!

Coasting along the motorway they call life

Raising the kids

Coping with a career

A few problems ahead

A marriage hits the skids ...

I am single again

All change ...

I get married again ... which is lovely.

and start the 1951 Club

So on we go ...

It will be exciting ...

and maybe a little too exciting at times ...

but what the heck ... JUST DRIVE !!


15 responses to “Hitting 60 … My life in traffic signs (a plog) …

  1. I really liked this. I think you’ll like — 60 Years Ago in Pop Culture: A Pie in the Face. Happy birthday!

  2. Love it – very clever – does make you wonder where it all went though doesnt it !

  3. My 60’s club began in 1953. Thank you for finding and following my blog I will follow in return.

  4. I see the M32 – Bristol Ring Road – not too far fro me!! Thanks for the “like”!

  5. Hi, Chris. First of all, the idea of the traffic signs…NEW and Different. I like and love it. Shows that age has nothing to do with one’s imagination…surely it sharpens it. Secondly, thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your stopping by. Hope you stay a while…or at least come visit again. Thanks for your kind comments as well. Keep living the good fight!

  6. I do hope you’re planning your next 60! I am! Glad to find your plog!

  7. Morning, Chris. Thanks for the follow; I hope some of my post merit your continued interest.

  8. Very clever… the last sign is the best! Ha ha. And think about it, you (and I) are only two-thirds of the way done. Lots more excitement ahead. Congrats (belatedly).

    • Yes … I’ll be 64 later this year. The road sign in my brain is still telling me I’m 18. Yes. Excitement is very good as is love and laughter and a good book.All the best.

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