Morticia Addams – the 1951 Connection

I am a huge fan of The Addams Family, created by American cartoonist Charles Addams and I’m sure you won’t be at all surprised to learn that there are some connections with 1951.

It is said that the character of Morticia Addams is based on his first wife Barbara Jean Day … they were divorced in 1951.

This is a photograph of the couple. There is most certainly something vampish about her.

This original cartoon of Morticia was drawn by Charles Addams in 1946.

The late Carolyn Jones played Morticia from 1964-1966 in the highly successful TV series of The Addams Family.

The lovely Anjelica Huston (born 1951) played Morticia in two blockbuster films ... The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993).


6 responses to “Morticia Addams – the 1951 Connection

  1. I loved that series too.

  2. I’d say she looks a bit………..evil but that’s not quite the word. Ah, “sinister” that’s the word. Some guys are just attracted to these sorts…….could be one of them myself.

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