1951 HZ … A license to thrill

As you are probably no doubt aware, most 1951 Club members are human. There are however some notable exceptions. We have among our members, for example, two computers (Univac 1 & Ferranti Mark 1), plus an intergalactic law-enforcement officer by the name of Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
The other day I googled 1951 and it came up with this brilliant license plate …

Naturally, I was curious about this and I discovered that it was attached to a 2005  Toyota Prius belonging to John Halamka which he featured in his wonderful blog.
1951 HZ is a purely random license plate issued in the state of Masaschusetts. Some bright spark wondered if the license plate had some profound meaning.
One of the possibilities he came up with …

1951 Hertz is the frequency of the humpback whale grunt. (HZ = Hertz)
Have a look at John’s blog for other ideas. Anyway … 1951 HZ is now an official member of the 1951 Club and many thanks to John for agreeing to this.


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