Tanks for the memory … Korean War

This photo was taken on January 4th 1951  by a U.S. Army photographer  as the last tank of the U.N. forces holding Seoul, Korea  evacuated the city by crossing to the south of the Han River. The pontoon bridge shown in the photo was the last one across the Han and was demolished immediately after  the M4 Sherman Tank had cleared off.
Chinese forces entered the Korean War on 25th October 1950 with over 300,000 troops. Allied forces were overwhelmed and the Communists advanced southward towards Seoul capturing it on 4th January 1951, the date of this picture.
The Allies were pushed back to a point 25 miles south of Seoul by the 10th of January. From that low point, the Allies fought back and Seoul was recaptured on 14th March. By July 1951 discussions for a truce were being considered although combat didn’t end for another two years.

The photograph above shows a Soviet-built T-34 tank belonging to the North Koreans. It was taken in October 1950 on a bridge south of Suwon.  It certainly seems to have been somewhat of a bad hair day for this particular tank.

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