Don Sammons

Meet Don Sammons our latest 1951 Club member. He was actually born in late 1950 but I am more than delighted to include him as an honorary member. Carry on reading and you’ll see just why!
Don  currently lives in  Buford, Wyoming. This town has two big claims to fame . Firstly, with a population of only 1 person, Buford is the smallest town in the United States. Also, sitting at 8000 feet,  Buford is the highest town in elevation on Interstate 80, the main cross-country route between New York and San Francisco.
Don is the only guy I know with his own zip code, his own town, his own gas station and trading post … and that’s pretty neat when you think about it!  He is also the Mayor.

Later in 2012 Don announced plans to sell up. He asked Oklahoma-based auction house Williams & Williams to handle things and Buford sold for $900,000 to a bidder from Vietnam. Don has purchased a house in Windsor, Colorado, to be closer to his son and plans on writing a book about his 32 years in Buford. So we all wish you fine fortune Don and all good wishes for the future.

3 responses to “Don Sammons

  1. thanks for the great hosting

  2. You may not sell their city. You can make a tourist attraction there, with cabins to house, making skating rinks and other entertainment to be found in this beautiful place. I do not know the climate of that city throughout the year. At a time when technology is well advanced, can you promote the site to all countries.Sorry because my English is not good. I’m live in Lima Peru (Sud America).

    • Greetings and welcome to the 1951 Club. It’s great to have a follower from South America. Thank you very much for your comment. Are you interested in the year 1951 ? All the best to you.

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