Around the World in … 1951

In January 1951 the RMS Caronia was the first liner in the post-war era to undertake a globe-circling cruise.

She was built by John Brown and Company in Clydebank, Scotland in 1946,  launched on October 30th 1947  and named Caronia by Princess Elizabeth before being delivered to her new owners Cunard White Star Line in 1948.
The Caronia received a unique livery in different shades of green which distinguished her from other liners of the day and earned her the nickname the Green Goddess.
She made her maiden voyage in January 1949 between Southampton and New York. Two more transatlantic crossings followed before the ship embarked on her first cruises from New York to the Carribean.

In January 1951 she became the first liner in the post-war era to undertake a World Cruise … 111 days, 32 ports, 5 continents and over 32,000 miles.

If you would like to experience the ultimate pleasure of this first 1951 World Cruise then visit the RMS Caronia Timeline. This is an absolutely wonderful website hosted by an ex-First Class Stewart who served on  the Caronia.
It features a day-by-day list of events and includes timetables, maps, photographs and menus … just about everything in fact for the discerning virtual traveller.

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