Eurovision … the 1951 connections

The 57th Eurovision Song Contest  is being held tomorrow in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Much has been said concerning the pros and cons of holding such a competition and it certainly has been the subject of much controversy over the years … but it is still very much with us and attracting as much attention as ever.

There is a very definite 1951 connection with the Eurovsion.

The United Kingdom has won the contest 5 times and one of those times was in 1976 when Brotherhood of Man sang ‘Save Your Kisses for Me’  which went on to become an international hit. Nicky Stevens, a member of the group which is still going strong, was indeed born in 1951.

Ireland have won no less than a record number 7 times, including 1970 when Dana (pictured left) sang a charming song called ‘ All Kinds of Everything‘. Dana was also born in … 1951.

Dave Benton   (born 1951)  won the contest for Estonia in 2001 with a song called ‘Everybody‘. He performed alongside budding Estonian rock singer Tanal Padar and boyband 2XL.
At the time of winning he did not actually speak Estonian.

Anne-Karine Strøm (born 1951)  represented Norway three times. Sadly despite her efforts she finished in last place twice including 1974 when a group called ABBA won. The winner takes it all!

These YouTube links will take you to their Eurovision performances:

Brotherhood of Man     Dana     Dave Benton      Anne-Karine Strom

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