Sykes and a … Higgs boson

Eric Sykes, one of Britain’s best-loved TV comedy actors and writers, died today aged 89 after a short illness.
Sykes was born in 1923 and started out as a radio scriptwriter but he soon found he could perform as well as write.

He found fame in a series of TV sitcoms from the 1950s including Sykes and a … alongside Hattie Jacques.

He worked with many of the comedy greats including Frankie Howerd and Spike Milligan. Here he is pictured left with Frankie Howerd way back in 1951.

This strange looking wee beastie pictured above is an impression of something called the Higgs Boson often referred to as the ‘God Particle‘.
Scientists tentatively confirmed its existence today. They are 99.999% certain that it’s around.
It certainly doesn’t explain the superb comedy genius of Eric Sykes but scientists believe that it may help explain why everything in the universe is able to have any mass. And let’s face it – without mass we’d all be up a gumtree.


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