31 FECKING FOLLOWERS … is that all Ted!

31 FECKING FOLLOWERS … is that all Ted!

Dougal: Where are we Ted ?
Ted: We’re on the 1951 Club home page Dougal.
Dougal: That’s nice Ted. How many followers does he have ?
Ted: I’ll just have a look … 31
Dougal: Oh come on now Ted. 31 Fecking followers. Is that all!!
Ted: Well Dougal, don’t forget that Jesus only started out with 12 followers.
Dougal: Who’s this Jesus fella Ted ?
Ted: Dougal, we’ve already talked about this at some length.
Dougal: I think we should follow this 1951 Club as it sounds really interesting.
Ted: I quite agree Dougal. Let’s do it. Mmm … It says…. Enter your email address to subscribe to the 1951 Club and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Dougal: I’ll do it Ted ……….. it’s not working!!
Ted: That’s the fecking toaster, Dougal. Look I’ll do it … ted.father@craggy   island.net
Dougal: Well done Ted. Now what happens ?
Ted: Well Dougal. We’ll probably receive an email asking us to confirm this.
Dougal: That’s great. I’ve been thinking Ted .
Ted: Yes Dougal.
Dougal: This Jesus fella. Does he have an email address then ?
Ted: Feck off

Here comes Mrs Doyle …

5 responses to “31 FECKING FOLLOWERS … is that all Ted!

  1. Good luck with this. I suggested that my Facebook friends (all 101 of them) follow you.

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  3. I think it is very telling that you started out with more followers than Jesus. That speaks a thousand words. Also, if you do have his email address please be kind enough to share as I have some questions for the chap.
    R.I.P Father Ted! Still missed.

    • I don’t have his email address. I wonder what is is.
      I also wonder if it would have a spam filter. If I was Jesus I would have a spam filter on my emails. I’d also hang about in bars and drink bloody Mary’s just to annoy my mum.

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