Martin Auer

authorA warm 1951 Club welcome to Austrian award winning writer Martin Auer.Martin was born in 1951 in Vienna, Austria.
He attended university but never really studied anything there. He was an actor, a musician, a singer-songwriter, a teacher, a journalist, a stage magician and a copy-writer for public relations agencies. His first book was published in 1986. Since then he has published more than 40 titles, many of them for children.

He has been awarded several prizes, among them the Austrian National Prize for Children’s Literature in 1994, 1998 and 2000. He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1997. This is a link to Martin’s website which is available in English and German.


Martin also wrote me a nice letter expressing his thoughts about being born in 1951 I feel honoured by your invitiation to join the 1951 club. Some might say that it is not a very noteworthy achievement to be born in 1951. But if you consider how many people never managed to be born in that year or didn’t even bother to try it turns out that those who did manage really are a very select group well worthy to be distinguished from all the others. I myself feel rather proud to be among the first who chose that very year to arrive on this planet, in the first half of its first month, when it still took some pioneering spirit. I do not wish to belittle the achievements of those who came later, but – let’s be honest – in June or July it was already rather obvious what kind of year this was going to be and those who waited till October or November really didn’t have to take a big risk. I will say nothing about those who hastily squeezed in at the last moment in December. But, after all, they managed to make the right decision and therefore of course all of those who chose that year to be born have my full respect and I gladly extend the hand of friendship to them.So, yes, you have my consent to include me in the ranks of this fine club.
I have to say that I heartily applaud your sentiments Martin although, to be fair, I suppose you could also say that by the time November/December came around all the creases had been ironed out and the product was nearing perfection . But I might be wrong of course. All the very best Martin and thanks for being here.

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