The End of the World … 1951-2012

Hello. Apparently … the world is due to end tomorrow

If you are reading this ... then the above picture need not necessarily apply ...

The End of the World – 21st December 2012

HOWEVERand this may come as somewhat of a shock to you …

Calm down … it’s OK … take some nice deep breaths … think of something nice and relaxing …


Not funny huh ?

Well … a film was released in 1951 called When Worlds Collide.


In the film scientists discover that a star named Bellus is on a collision course with Earth and end of the world is little more than eight months away. A spaceship is constructed to transport a lucky few to Zyra, a planet in orbit around Bellus that will pass very close to the Earth, in the faint hope that it can sustain life and save the human race from extinction.


From space, the ship’s television monitor shows Earth’s collision with Bellus. As they approach Zyra, the fuel runs out and they have to make an unpowered rough landing. The passengers disembark and find the planet to be habitable.


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