Bertie Ahern


Bertie Ahern

A very warm 1951 Club welcome to former ‘Taoiseach‘ (Prime Minister of Ireland) Bertie Ahern.
He retired from this post in May 2008 having enjoyed the unique distinction in modern Irish politics of being the first person in over sixty years to have been elected to that office on three successive occasions from 1997 – 2008.
Born in Drumcondra, Dublin in 1951 his first ‘job’ in politics was as a teenager climbing lamp posts to hang election posters for the Fianna Fáil party by-election campaign in 1965. He became leader of Fianna Fáil almost 30 years later in 1994. Under Ahern’s leadership Fianna Fáil led three coalition governments. Bertie is happy to be a member of the 1951 Club.

2 responses to “Bertie Ahern

  1. Although I too was born in 1951, albeit no kind of celebrity, I would be unwilling to be a fellow member with the disgraced and shunned former Taoiseach. His government’s catastrophic record and his alleged personal profiting from office place him firmly beyond the pale.

  2. Hi there John. Many thanks for contributing your comment. I certainly appreciate what you say and your right to say it which is exactly why I’ve published it here. The 1951 Club is intended to be a site largely dedicated to this splendid year. I believe in entering only positive or at least non-judgemental posts about people and I don’t want to enter into political debates and suchlike.
    If you would like to join the 1951 Club (It is open to all) then just let me know.
    All the very best

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