Congratulations … It’s a ‘GIRL’ … born 1951


The cover of Girl issue 1, featuring “Kitty Hawke and her All-Girl Air Crew”, 1951

Girl was a British weekly comic magazine for girls published from 1951 to 1964. It was launched by Hulton Press on 2 November 1951 as a sister paper to the Eagle. Its final issue was dated 3 October 1964, after which it was merged into Princess.
Like the Eagle, Girl was founded by the Rev. Marcus Morris. The lead strip was originally “Kitty Hawke and her All-Girl Air Crew“, drawn in full colour by Ray Bailey, about a group of women running a charter airline. The strip was not very popular – it was apparently felt to be too masculine – and it was moved to the black and white interior pages. Kitty Hawke was of course a nod to Kitty Hawk, location of the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers.
Other strips in this first issue included Judy and Pat, Penny Wise Detective, Black Beauty and Captain Starling. It also came with a centre page pin up of the then Princess Elizabeth, soon to become Queen Elizabeth 11.


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