Made in Hong Kong … 1951


Phantom in the Limelight – Ge yuan xiang hun (1951)

Motion pictures were first introduced to China in 1896 and the first Chinese film was made in 1905. The production companies were mainly foreign owned and the industry was centred around Shanghai. As the years went by both political and cultural changes in China were reflected in the film industry.
When the Japanese invaded China and occupied Shanghai many of the filmmakers relocated to Hong Kong. Most movies were made in either the Mandarin or Cantonese dialect.

May I now refer you to the Chinese Movie Database which lists films released in 1951, mainly out of Hong Kong. My favourite, based on the title alone I have to say, is How Leung Tin-Loi was Thrice Beaten up by Ling Kwaihing which was released in November 1951 and starred Zhang Ying, Bai Yan and Huang Manli.


Zhang Ying


Huang Manli

I’m not sure about the content or plotline of this particular offering but it sounds quite aggressive. If you are a Chinese movie fanatic then I hope you let us all know.

Other gripping titles released in 1951 include The Affairs of Diana, The Erroneous Romance, Handsome Yuk Thrice Beats the Tiger and many many more … not necessarily at a cinema near you any more.


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