Just the Ticket … in 1951

This picture is of a boy having his ticket ‘nipped’ at York Railway Station in 1951. He has purchased a platform ticket so that he can go training spotting with some of his pals. The picture is a production still from a documentary made by British Transport films called This is York.


Passengers buying tickets at London’s Victoria station, 1951. This station handled many thousands of commuters each day, as well as passengers travelling to the continent.


Passengers passing through the ticket barrier at Euston railway station, 1951. Euston station was about to be rebuilt at this time.


Workers sorting returned tickets at Victoria station, London, 1951. Tickets collected at destination stations were returned to a central office and sorted to gather information on traffic and charges. The tickets being sorted here have been clipped and punched by guards on trains or in stations. Pre printed tickets were available with the destination, the class and the fare, so there were tickets for every possible journey. Tickets were needed not only for passengers but for large goods such as bicycles, typewriters, and dogs.

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