I really don’t know clouds at all …

A new kind of cloud may be coming to a sky near you, and could be the first fresh variety to be officially recognised since 1951. It is a dark, turbulent sort of thing, which folds oppressively over a landscape and looks as if it means trouble. For this reason, and its base of stormy-looking swirls, the world’s cloud fanciers have christened it undulatus asperatus (agitated wave). If it is successfully recognised then it will be added to the International Cloud Atlas.

However … the one we’re really interested in of course was the cloud that was officially recognised in … 1951. It has the equally impressive moniker of cirrus intortus.

Which leads me on to the inescapable conclusion that when I say I really don’t know clouds at all … I do know a couple. So … I am making  cloud cirrus intortus an honorary member of the 1951 Club.

While we’re about it … here is a picture taken a few days ago near my villa on Corfu. Apparently it’s a beautiful example of a Lenticular Cloud. Their typical lens or saucer shape has sometimes been offered as an explanation of some UFO sightings.


Finally, because this is the 1951 Club I really must finish with just a few more references. There were at least 2 films released in 1951 which had cloud in their titles … they were Cloudburst and Painting the Clouds with Sunshine.

And just to finish (unless you know better of course) there is a city in Minnesota, USA called Saint Cloud. If you click on this link it will take you to Saint Cloud’s daily weather history and observations for … 1951.

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