Captain Comet … a Superhero from 1951



Captain Comet (real name Adam Blake) is a fictional DC Comics superhero. He made his first appearance in the June 1951 issue of Strange Adventures. 


In 1931, John and Martha Blake gave birth to a son named Adam. Moments after his birth, a comet streaked across the Midwestern sky. Although the Blake’s were unaware of it at the time, the comet had emitted low-level waves of  radiation, which triggered multi-genetic cell growth in Adam Blake’s body. He began to develop incredible mental and physical powers from an early age. He became virtually indestructible and his superhuman stamina prevented him from ever tiring. Adam became concerned over keeping his seemingly limitless abilities a secret.


Adam could not keep his abilities safely hidden for long. In 1951, a global catastrophe took place, which forced Adam to reveal himself to the public. A space-faring alien race known as the Astur had travelled to Earth in the hopes of  making it habitable for their kind.


The Asturs could not survive in an oxygen-rich environment, so they used special machines to siphon away the planet’s oxygen. Calling himself Captain Comet for the very first time, Adam donned a space suit and oxygen tank and … well needless to say … saved the planet!



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