Erwin Leder …

Erwin Leder

Erwin Leder

A very warm 1951 Club welcome to actor Erwin Leder

 Erwin was  born in the city of St. Pölten, Austria on July 30, 1951.

He enrolled at the Krauss School of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where he studied acting and directing. In 1975 he began what has become a long and illustrious career as a talented and versatile performer. He is perhaps best known to European cinema and television audiences particularly in Austria and Germany.
He has achieved international fame and recognition for his roles in several high-profile films. These include Schindler’s List (1993) and the gothic-horror Underworld (2003) in which he played a Lycan scientist called Singe alongside Kate Beckinsale and Bill Nighy.


Things aren’t looking too good for Erwin as Singe in Underworld (2003)

His most memorable role was as Chief Mechanic Johann in the 1981 feature film Das Boot directed by Wolfgang Petersen about a mission of one World War 11 U-Boat and its crew. It has since become a cult-classic and ranks among the best anti-war films ever made.

Chief Mechanic Johann (Erwin Leder)  checking out the motors with a fellow crew member on Das Boot. (1981)

Chief Mechanic Johann (Erwin Leder)  checking out the motors with a fellow crew member on Das Boot. (1981)

In all, he has appeared in more than thirty-five plays, over 130 film and television productions and has received much recognition for his work, including a number of international film awards. He has produced, directed and starred in several bravura one-man performances including a recent adaptation of  Dostoyevsky’s The Dreams of a Ridiculous Man. In addition, he writes and performs stand-up comedy in Germany and Austria.


Erwin Leder (left) plays the role of the Fool in the opera ‘Lear’ by Aribert Reimann. (State Opera House, Hamburg, in 2012)

Erwin Leder has certainly done very well. And to quote his Captain on board submarine U-96 …    ” Gut, Johann. Das ist gut.

To view Erwin’s website and showreel click here.


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  1. Also just found that fellow actor Heinz Hoenig who played the role of Hinrich, the Radoman and ship’s combat medic, in Das Boot was also born in … 1951.

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