Dean Kamen … Dean of Invention


Kamen on his Segway PT (2002)

Dean Kamen, born 5 April 1951, is an American entrepreneur and inventor from New Hampshire. He is best known for his Segway Personal Transporter. Kamen has been variously described as the closest thing to a modern- day Thomas Edison and the Pied Piper of Technology. He is the founder and owner of Deka Research. He holds hundreds of patents, and his creations have improved countless lives. These include a range of wearable drug infusion pumps, portable dialysis machines, a robotic prosthetic arm, the iBOT mobility system for the disabled community and a water purification system called the Slingshot.


Dean Kamen rides a Segway at his home in New Hampshire. Photo Credit: Moon Avenue LLC.

His residence is a hexagonal mansion called Westwind, located in Bedford, New Hampshire. The house has at least four different levels and is very eclectically conceived, with such things as hallways resembling mine shafts, 1960s novelty furniture, a collection of vintage wheelchairs, spiral staircases and at least one secret passage, an observation tower, a fully equipped machine shop, and a huge cast-iron steam engine which once belonged to Henry Ford built into the centre atrium of the house. Kamen owns and pilots an Embraer Phenom 300 light jet aircraft and three Enstrom helicopters, including a 280FX, a 480, and a 480B. Kamen regularly commutes to work via his helicopters and had a hangar built into his house.



This is Dean Kamen's second home and retreat on North Dumpling Island.

This is Dean Kamen’s second home and retreat on North Dumpling Island.

During his career he has won numerous awards in recognition of his innovative work. He has also received a number of honorary doctorates from various universities as well as other prestigious awards for the way he has encouraged younger people to develop an interest in engineering and technology.


Dean Kamen at work …



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  1. Hi Chris. Invention is great as long as it is for our good and not our destruction! Thank you for liking my poem Returning! Peace and Best Wishes The Foureyed Poet.

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