With this ring I thee wed … in 1951 (Part 2)

With this Ring I Thee Wed … in 1951

(Part 2)


863c6caa10cb31a0a4e7d395104a843a1951 – 1963

In 1949, the actor and comedian, Peter Sellers started to date Anne Howe, an Australian actress who lived in London. Sellers proposed to her in April 1950 and the couple were married on 15 September 1951. Their son, Michael, was born on 2 April 1954, and their daughter, Sarah, followed in 1958.


1951 – 1968

American singer and actress Doris Day married film producer and agent Martin Melcher in April 1951. Their marriage lasted until Melcher’s untimely death in April 1968, aged just 52.


1951 – 1952

American singer-songwriter Ray Charles married beautician Eileen Williams on July 31, 1951 in Georgia before a Fulton County justice of the peace. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1952.



2 responses to “With this ring I thee wed … in 1951 (Part 2)

    • Hi Marg,
      Glad you like the miniseries. Last part coming tomorrow.I’ll include a link to my source as I’m only including the really well-known couples but there are many more.
      All the best … Kris

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