Happy Trails …


I was looking for a nice way to end each of my posts, when a line from a song I remembered as a child came back to me. It went …

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

The song was called Happy Trails and I checked it out to see if the lyrics were available online. They were of course. What I also found out is that it was actually written in … 1951.


Yes. In 1951,  actor and musician Foy Willing wrote a song called Happy Trails For the Republic Pictures movie, Spoilers of the Plains, starring Roy Rogers. 


(Roy Rogers was an American singer and cowboy actor who was one of the most popular Western stars of his era. He appeared in over 100 films and numerous radio and television episodes of The Roy Rogers Show. In many of his films and television episodes, he appeared with his wife Dale Evans, his golden palomino Trigger, and his German Shepherd dog Bullet. His show ran on radio for nine years before moving to television from December 1951 to June 1957.)


Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans Rogers

Subsequently, the first three notes of Foy’s song and the title were used by Dale Evans in writing her version of “Happy Trails” for The Roy Rogers Show. Dale’s is the version that is popularly played and sung today. Happy Trails was released in 1952  by Rogers and Evans on RCA Victor Records and re-issued in 1957. Members of the Western Writers of America chose it as one of the Top 100 Western songs of all time. There have been numerous versions recorded.


Dale Evans’ version of “Happy Trails” is a common good-bye song.

Janis Joplin left a taped recording of the song as a birthday greeting for John Lennon on October 1, 1970, three days before her death. Van Halen covered the song on their 1982 album, Diver Down, and usually the band would end live performances they did with their first lead singer, David Lee Roth, with that song. For most Broadway Shows and National Tours, when a cast member has his/her last performance, the entire company sings it for the departing cast member to wish them luck. It is mostly performed traditionally backstage before the curtain goes up or after the curtain call. After it gets sung, the departing cast member gives a thank you speech.

I’m so pleased I could share this with you my friends.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

2 responses to “Happy Trails …

  1. My father who was born in 1916 was a western fan all his life and I was weaned on John Wayne and Gary Grant.. great piece and thank you very much for following my blog.. best wishes Sally

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