I, Follower … the Noble Art of Following … Part 1.

(The Noble Art of Following – Part 1)


“Writing is a craft, being an author is work, and having readers and a following is a gift.” 

― Michael J. Kannengieser, The Daddy Rock

I have been thinking a great deal recently about myself in the role of  I, FOLLOWER. 


And this is NOT what I’m on about!


A little bit more like this perhaps.

Before I discuss this role and venture out into shark-infested waters, I would just like to clear a few things up. I don’t have many followers. The ones I’m lucky to have are genuinely meaningful to me. So, and I know I don’t say this often enough …


Yes, that’s YOU I’m talking about … and YOU as well of course … and not forgetting YOU … and especially YOU!!
All of you. Well almost all of you. I need to tell you about Rip.



Rip had a website called ripyourheadoffwithachainsaw.com which has now apparently been taken down. Anyway, Rip became a 1951 Club follower and I quite naturally decided to return the favour. It all went very well for a time. I was doing my 1951 Club posts and Rip was posting very innocent looking articles about chainsaw maintenance and so on. I would give him a like. He would give me a like. A thoughtful comment here. A thoughtful comment there. It was all going swimmingly. Then I received an invitation …


This invitation, along with a couple of other nagging doubts I’d been having about Rip, prompted me to write the following comment in response.

Dear Rip. Hi. 😀 Thank you for your kind invitation to the blog party. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend owing to a shedload of long-standing online engagements elsewhere. Also, about you nominating me for a Chainsaw Award. Thank you very much for thinking of me but I must respectfully decline. Finally, while I fully appreciate that I am currently your one and only follower, I am slowly beginning to realise that you have … issues. I thought that your recent post on How to stock up your Deep Freeze with Body Parts, though well written and tastefully illustrated, was just a little bit over the top. I have decided, with much regret, to UNFOLLOW you. I do hope you are not too disappointed! 😈 All the very best. Your ex-follower, Kris

You will also be glad to hear that Rip himself is no longer following me either in any sense of the word.

Thank you for reading this. You are very kind. I very much hope you will join me for part 2 when I tell you something of what I expect of myself in my role as I, Follower. Meanwhile if you wish to express a like then by all means do so in the customary fashion. (Just click the bloody button for God’s sake!)  Also, why not leave a comment. You know you want to. If you DO leave a comment then please first read this very wise quote about leaving comments.

😉“I try to make my comments like a woman’s skirt: long enough to be respectable and short enough to be interesting. ” 

― Adam Clayton Powell III


Note: This is a new European Standards Committee approved logo which may be used to signify the end of a blog post.


27 responses to “I, Follower … the Noble Art of Following … Part 1.

  1. Hilarious post! And I’m glad Rip is no longer “following” you. It was wise not to attend his blog party. I also really like the image of the two golden laptops at the top.

  2. was it april fools day yesterday? – I “killed myself” laughing – thankfully the chainsaw man was nowhere near, or I would be in the freezer by now!

    I still follow you – smile

  3. Oh dear lol! No, you don’t want followers like that lol!!!

  4. Yep, you made me laugh out loud!! As I now know you are so discerning I’m pleased you chose to come to my blog party!

    Best wishes, Yvonne

  5. OH! Yikes!
    Love the gold computer gif.

  6. We WANT Bic!! Bring us more MI6 Bic please. Ta in antici-pation.

    • Good news then. Bic Biro will be back on your screens shortly in … ROLLERBALL. He has also been asked to star in another remake of The Prisoner which should be interesting.
      All the best to you.

  7. The mysterious interweb wouldn’t let me comment on this post when it first popped up -grr! But I wanted to say that as a loyal follower, I love you too. Rip sounds like quite the character. That party would have been very creepy.

  8. Hi Chris,
    We know a lot of the same people. Thank you for sending me the link. What a beautiful perspective you’ve shared–the mind of a blog follower. I’m off to read Andrew’s now. Then, I’ll answer your question on my site about repurposing your post.

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