How to Get Me to Read and Like Your Blog

This is a brilliant post from Andrew.

Andrew's View of the Week

I was working on a post on how to get thousands of people to like and follow your blog.  While doing the research and carefully outlining all the steps you need to take, I realized that I have no idea how others are going to react to your blog.  I can only tell you how I respond to your blog and what you might do to attract me as a reader.  I offer the following as my rules for reading, following  and liking a blog.

There is the theory that there are other people like me, and if you get me as a follower, you might get others like me.  So, this post could either be a guide to getting more readers, or serve as a warning of what not to do.  The choice is yours.

First thing you need when writing, is to know your audience.  Here’s the kinds…

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2 responses to “How to Get Me to Read and Like Your Blog

  1. Glad you like it. Thanks for reposting!

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