When I was all of 20 years old I wrote a wee poem called sunglow just about some daft thoughts I had in my mind at the time. It was 1972. The war in Vietnam was still dragging on. Northern Ireland had witnessed the terrible events of Bloody Sunday. And in September a group of terrorists massacred members of the Israeli team at the Summer Olympic games in Munich.

Sun Glow - Sal Germano - H.M.-1


sun glow on high
colours earth sky
the world is turning
and we’re turning too

same sun for you
same sun for me
but we still burn inside
when there’s no need

so we must learn to love
bring out the peaceful dove
or fade away
just fade away


Sitting on rock in 1972 just minding my own business.

And now, over 40 years later there is a war in Syria. There are floods of refugees looking for a better life. We are witnessing the atrocities in Tunisia, France and Kuwait. And this morning my poem just popped back into my head from wherever it had been sleeping. So I’m just sharing it with you fine fair folk.


16 responses to “Sunglow

  1. Your poem rings true today, as much as it did in ’72. I like the pictures–especially the bottom pic. Take care.

  2. I fail to understand why all these countries flight so fiercely, they will vanish off the face of earth someday!
    Soulful poem.

  3. Your poem has stood the test of time, and still rings true today. I really bemoan the fact that the world has not yet “learned to love and bring out the peaceful dove.”

    • Thank you. We are the small blue marble planet. It looks like we are pretty much alone in the cosmos. So in the scheme of things we should all try to get along. War really shouldn’t be an option anymore. 😀

  4. A beautiful and sad poem.

  5. awful to say, but it was ever thus – the whole of history is littered with wars – they are just different ones today, and nastier, because they involve all of us, not just the military who are supposedly trained to deal with conflict!

  6. Hi Chris I loved these lines in your poem :

    so we must learn to love
    bring out the peaceful dove
    or fade away

    You know what, so many innocent lives are lost in these wars.. There is blood and there is loss all around. I wish to transform the world with peace, joy and love..

  7. Reblogged this on 1951 Club and commented:

    Today’s post is a reblog of a poem called sunglow.
    North Korea is currently launching missiles over Japan. It is also testing nuclear weapons which have a yield 17 times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

    Russia and China are waging a war of words with the USA.
    Acts of mindless terrorism are fast becoming a fact of everyday life. As I write this, the terror threat in Britain has been raised to the highest level – critical.

    But all is not lost. Staff at the North Korean Embassy in London are apparently very partial to the odd McDonald’s fast-food takeaway, something banned by the authorities back home. Feel the love, guys. Feel the love. All is not lost.

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