1951 Revisited … Louise Jameson

1951 Revisited … Louise Jameson

The 1951 Club has been going for just over 5 years now. A few of you have been with me right from the start. Others are brand new. You are all very welcome.

I have decided to start delving into the jolly old archives once in a while. And what better place to begin than with my very first 1951 Club member.


Louise Jameson

This is the lovely actress Louise Jameson who agreed to join the 1951 Club way back in April 2010. Follow the link below to view the original post. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the TARDIS … well all will become clear.



10 responses to “1951 Revisited … Louise Jameson

  1. You sure got amazing posts!

  2. Lovely gal…plainly I shall have to take a cold shower now!

  3. Everyone follow the link! It’s really cool.

  4. Belated Happy 5th Anniversary the 1951 club, from a very new newbie here.

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