my sunday poem … # 2

my sunday poem … #2

I had such a nice response to my sunglow poem last week that I’m going to inflict another one on you. This is at the risk of sounding like a Vogon.




i see an ocean sometimes when i’m dreaming
and ships moving onward with wind in their sails
we are all sailors
searching for harbours
havens so peaceful
where love never fails

so many people are drifting on the ocean
In storms of confusion tides of despair
though tears may blind them
a love will find them
guide them to harbours
both golden and fair

being together standing in the wonder
stars shining bright in the ocean above
here in our harbours
we watch the ships come
lighting them homeward
with lanterns of love



25 responses to “my sunday poem … # 2

  1. Nice infliction!

  2. I like your metaphors squeezed out of reality…good stuff

  3. Amazing Kris really good poetry.

  4. Oh, Kris, This is most beautiful! It is so comforting and healing. I feel this compassion within but also from outside while reading your poem. Wonderful.

  5. Reblogged this on Author Erika Kind and commented:
    Sometimes the battery in our lamp light dies, we have no match and seem to get completely lost. But we are not alone and there is always someone with a lantern. We will always find our way back on the track. Kris wrote a beautiful poem about right this. It is full of compassion, understanding, and faith. The light we need is love and love is all around.

  6. What an interesting analogy of life’s journey. I liked the constant reminder of the harbor. Sometimes when we are “out of sight of land’, we need to be reminded that there is a harbor just over the horizon. 🙂

  7. Yes! Very beautiful.

  8. I like this very much.

  9. Sharing this. I really enjoyed it Kris. Have a wonderful Thursday. Sarah.

  10. Wow.. This is lovely Kris.. amazing poem 🙂

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