The Accident Book … Extract # 3

The Accident Book … Extract # 3


Those of you who joined me last week will no doubt remember the unfortunate incident of Watkins and the kite.

What follows is another extract from the ACCIDENT BOOK as recorded by Lord & Lady Northbunker on their estate in Dorset.

Extract # 3

Even as I write, Watkins is very busy connecting a mains electric supply to the new summer-house. Watkins informs me that he has a City & Guilds in this sort of thing, otherwise I would have assuredly called in the experts. I confidently retire to the kitchen with the intention of making myself a pot of tea, only to discover that the kettle appears to have blown a fuse. I wander out into the garden and spy Watkins spreadeagled on the lawn having a crafty smoke. On closer inspection however, it seems that the poor fellow has inadvertently wired himself to the national grid. 


I am alarmed and deeply concerned. God only know so what my next electricity bill will be like. Still, the emergency services are on their way.



14 responses to “The Accident Book … Extract # 3

  1. Oh, poor Watkins! He certainly is an unlucky chap. All the more reason for Mrs Watkins to get a bowler hat and wear it to bed.

    • She did go out the other day with every intention of purchasing one. She returned with 3 handbags and 8 pairs of shoes. She was just too embarrassed to ask for one. 👜👜👜👡👡👡👠👠👡👡👠👠👡👡👠👠👡👡👠👠

  2. Hahaa another great one Kris. Poor Watkins will he ever learn☺

  3. OMG, and he is still alive…!

  4. I have only just met Watkins. Very entertaining, poor fellow. I look forward to reading more about him in the future.

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