The Accident Book … Extract # 4

The Accident Book … Extract # 4


Those of you who joined me last week will no doubt remember the unfortunate incident concerning Watkins and the National Grid.

What follows is another extract from the ACCIDENT BOOK as recorded by Lord & Lady Northbunker on their estate in Dorset.

Extract # 4

Even as I write, Watkins is busy clearing the guttering high above the main conservatory. Sadly it seems that the ladder he’s using has finally succumbed to the ravages of woodworm. I am somewhat disturbed by his pitiful screams and the expensive sound of breaking glass. I fear my prized collection of prickly cacti may also have been placed in some jeopardy. Still, the emergency services are on their way.


Take care folks!

4 responses to “The Accident Book … Extract # 4

  1. Just love the Accident Book extracts. Poor, poor Watkins. The man must be made of stern stuff.

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