On the Buses … 1951 (part 2)

On the Buses … 1951 (part 2)

In 1951, there were different types of public transport operating on London’s roads, including diesel buses,  electric trolley buses and trams. They often ran in close proximity to one another so accidents were inevitable. 


London transport ‘s RTL 1166, a Park Royal bodied Leyland Titan is knocked over by a tram on route 56 along the Victoria Embankment on 11th September 1951 when the Wandsworth garage bus on route 70 towards Wandsworth was turning out of Temple Place to head west crossed over the east bound tramway and was hit. Several passengers were injured on the bus.


This is a picture of the bus being righted by LT’s recovery team. 

The days of trams in London were now numbered. They were seen as being increasingly economical. “Operation Tramaway”, the replacement of the tram service by diesel buses, was announced in July 1950 by Lord Latham of the London Transport Executive. Retirement started in October 1950 and London’s last trams ran in the early hours of 6 July 1952 to a rousing reception at New Cross Depot. This is a short news clip of that nostalgic event.

6 responses to “On the Buses … 1951 (part 2)

  1. Now I am in the mood for the weekend 🙂

  2. Again Sept. 11th. Looks dramatic with the bus, Kris.

  3. Seems like a very British farewell to a piece of machinery. Amazing how attached and nostalgic we can be about some things.

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