The 1951 Club is going on a Summer Holiday …

The 1951 Club is going on a  Summer Holiday …


It is high time the 1951 Club had a bit of a break. You’ve probably been thinking the very same thing yourself. So we’re all going on a Summer Holiday. I am going to assume the role of Mr Cliff Richard in the days when he was a teen-idol. Watkins has very kindly agreed to play Miss Una Stubbs. 

We will be starting out from London and our final destination is Athens where Watkins says he is meeting Shirley Valentine for drinks. We have decided to do the whole trip by bus. That should actually be BUSES as we intend to use the bus services of the countries in which we find ourselves. 


Each day we will attempt to post a few pictures of where we are. Watkins has also suggested that we play the National Anthems of any countries we pass through. You may not receive a post every day. It depends on finding a suitable internet connection. It also depends on Watkins and myself not getting locked up for being drunk and disorderly. There, I think that covers everything. Just off to  pack. 



18 responses to “The 1951 Club is going on a Summer Holiday …

  1. Rather embarrassingly, Summer Holiday is one of my favourite films ever so thank you for the clip. I hope you and Watkins have a safe and uneventful trip, but might I suggest you pack the Incident Book just in case. Missing you already! Mwah.

  2. Have a wonderful time!! 😊😊😊

  3. The nostalgia of that movie!!!! I shall await your updates with great interest. 🙂

  4. Have a good time, and don’t miss the bus.

  5. Have a great time, Chris! 🙂

  6. Have a safe trip and i look forward to seeing the pics!

  7. Thanks for taking us along! 🙂

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