Summer Holiday – stage 1 … in which we are off to Foreign Fields

Summer Holiday – stage 1. – in which we are off to foreign fields.


Today we are in London and intend  travelling to the coast and catching a cross-channel ferry to France. Our transport today is a 1960s London bus. Our driver looks strangely familiar. 

Singer-actor Cliff Richard, who turns bus driver in his new film musical "Summer Holiday", gives the thumbs up from the drivers cab of one of London's double deckers.

Here is the British National Anthem. Watkins, play the music if you please. Watkins and myself  will be doing our patriotic duty by standing smartly to attention while the music is playing. We may very probably salute as well.

Now for the photographs. Please note.  For the avoidance of doubt green speech bubbles indicate various utterances from Watkins. Blue speech bubbles originate from yours truly. 


Leaving London


 … and off to foreign fields


At the coast

And so, with tears in eyes we bid a fond farewell to dear old Britain as we set sail to foreign parts …


6 responses to “Summer Holiday – stage 1 … in which we are off to Foreign Fields

  1. Re that last pic – the ship behind the bus would indicate one of a limited number of ports……… none of which would serve cross-channel business! Did you get on the wrong bus perhaps? Has Dover had a really, really major upgrade and dredging job done to its facilities? 🙂

  2. I am missing you already! What a super bus. I do hope Watkins behaves himself.

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