Summer Holiday – Stage 7 – The Italian Job

Summer Holiday – Stage 7 – The Italian Job

Today we are in Italy. They say that all roads lead to Rome and that is exactly where we find ourselves. Shirley Valentine has emailed Watkins to say she can no longer meet with him in Athens. This comes as a bit of a blow but a couple of stiff drinks later and he’s well over it. We decided to stay here an extra day and give Athens the elbow.

So, here is the Italian National Anthem. Watkins, play the music if you please. We will remain seated on the tour bus, eat our cornettos and watch Italian women.

And the photographs …




St. Peter’s Square

Trevi Fountain 


21 responses to “Summer Holiday – Stage 7 – The Italian Job

  1. Beautiful! Well, that’s enough about Watkins… Rome looks quite good too.

  2. Reblogged this on Life of an El Paso Woman and commented:
    I wish I was there today! Oh how I miss you Italy!

  3. Amazing art and architecture. The fountain is stunning. Thanks for the tour 🙂

  4. Lovely pictures, Chris !!! Such a wonderful place it is 🙂

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