The Accident Book … extract # 8 (The Lawnmower Man)

The Accident Book … extract # 8  (The Lawnmower Man)


Those of you who joined me last week will no doubt remember the unfortunate incident concerning Watkins and the bird table. 

What follows is another extract from the ACCIDENT BOOK as recorded by Lord & Lady Northbunker on their estate in Dorset.

Extract Number 8 … The Lawnmower Man.

Even as I write, Watkins is busy out in the garden doing battle with the old Atco Lawnmaster. It has seen somewhat better days and could really do with replacing as bits keep falling off. Rather like Watkins himself really. But he seems to enjoy the daily challenge of performing heart surgery on it and who am I to spoil his fun.  


The jolly old Atco suddenly sparks and roars into action like a leaping tiger. It is a source of great delight to see both man and machine united in common purpose. More than a match for the long grass bordering the vegetable garden.  


Oh dear. It seems I spoke too soon. The jolly old Atco seems to have developed a very serious fault which involves mowing Watkins. This could get messy. I am profoundly disturbed by the sound of his pitiful screams and retire to the library for a stiff drink. Still, the emergency services are on their way.



11 responses to “The Accident Book … extract # 8 (The Lawnmower Man)

  1. Poor old watkins☺

  2. On the up side, Watkins will be hairless and smooth as a baby’s bum. Actually, I am not sure that is an up side. Poor Watkins.

    • I agree. Smooth with the ladies but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t moisturiser. P.S.. listened to you on repeat radio. You did brilliantly. Was it difficult ?

      • He certainly has a way with the ladies! Well, thank you very much! I was quite nervous to start but then I just sort of forgot that I was actually on the radio and reverted to my normal, random self. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for listening 😀

  3. Reblogged this on Barrow Blogs: and commented:
    A stiff drink always solves the problem!

  4. You have become pretty relaxed about Watkins’ accidents… lol. Are you calling the ambulance every morning as a routine already, just in case? LOL

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