On the Buses … 1951 (Part 4 … End of the Line)

On the Buses … 1951  (Part 4 … End of the Line)

Move along the bus please!

This is going to be my last post on London Transport buses for awhile, I promise you. It’s a bit of a history lesson. So hop on board.


I was born in 1951 and brought up in Barnet, North London. At Barnet Church in 1938 a tram and trolleybus pose for the cameras. Trams, which had run in the area since 1905, were replaced by trolleybuses on 5 March 1938. Trolleybuses ran until 2 January 1962, when they were replaced by Routemaster buses.


This photograph was taken by Barnet Church 21 years later in 1959. No more trams. The trolleybus reigns supreme. Trolleybuses drew electricity from overhead wires using spring-loaded trolley poles.


Journeys could be delayed if there were problems with the power supply or if the trolley booms got disconnected from the overhead wires. This was not unusual in London. In this picture a driver uses a bamboo pole to reconnect the trolley booms after a dewirement which was always a dramatic spectacle for passengers and passers-by.


This is Charlie Wyatt. Why is he here ?  Well, he began as a conductor on London’s trolleybuses in 1951 and became a driver in 1955. He worked throughout his trolleybus career at Finchley depot in north London. He was on trolleybuses until their last day there. I must have travelled on his buses many a time. So thanks for the ride Charlie. He is now well into his eighties and still going strong.


Barnet Church again in the mid-70s and a couple of Routemasters.

Well that’s about it for now … ANY MORE FARES PLEASE!!




4 responses to “On the Buses … 1951 (Part 4 … End of the Line)

  1. I have really enjoyed learning about the buses. Such a delightful, bygone era. My hat and I would have been very happy in the ’50s.

  2. The pictures are so vintage. Absolutely beautiful to see the first generation busses !

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