my sunday poem … # 9

my sunday poem … # 9

These are not really intended to be offered as poems … more as captions to these two heartbreaking images. I don’t really know.

in gentle arms


there’s a soldier on the main street
holds a child in his arms
she looks just like a rag doll
she ain’t done nobody harm

through the smoke an’ all confusion
he looks down in dismay
searching hard to find a reason
for a life just blown away


no more borders little man
in paradise today
for you have found another land
where you can dance and play

7 responses to “my sunday poem … # 9

  1. Ouch. Poetry captions, heartbreaking beautiful.

  2. Awww heartbreaking; raw and heartfelt. X

  3. Very touching, gracias.

  4. It’s tragic what happens in some corners of our world. Nice poem.

  5. Beautiful words kris.☺

  6. Heart breaking, poignant…touches the heart and soul…

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