The 1951 Rolling Review Show … # 2

The 1951 Rolling Review Show … # 2


We all have a musical backdrop to our lives which extends from the cradle to the grave. The great pianist, composer and conductor Alberto Semprini used to host a light music  programme on BBC radio called Semprini Seranade. He always introduced his musical selection with the words: “Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones”. 

This then is the The Rolling 51 Review Show which each week features a piece of music I have enjoyed at some time in my life. I hope you enjoy them as well. Let me know and please feel free to Reblog.

The Monkees (Daydream Believer)

This was a hit for The Monkees in 1967, reaching # 1 on America’s Billboard Hot 100 and # 5 in the UK Singles Chart. It was written by singer-songwriter John Stewart. I first heard it on The Monkees TV show. Great melody. Great lyrics.


8 responses to “The 1951 Rolling Review Show … # 2

  1. I never particularly liked the Monkees but then, I was in love with Marianne Faithfull and totally absorbed by The Moody Blues music at that time! 🙂

  2. Cheer up sleepy Kris.
    Another classic Kris 2/2

  3. Love Daydream Believer. 🙂
    And, to be honest, loved the Monkees.

  4. Was never a big Monkees fan, but I do like some of their hits, including this one.

  5. This is a great track!

  6. Awww memories loved that track ….. 🙂

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