The 1951 Rolling Review Show … # 5 (Halloween Special)

The 1951 Rolling Review Show … # 5  (Halloween Special)


We all have a musical backdrop to our lives which extends from the cradle to the grave. The great pianist, composer and conductor Alberto Semprini used to host a light music  programme on BBC radio called Semprini Seranade. He always introduced his musical selection with the words: “Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones”. 

This then is the The 1951 Rolling Review Show which each week features a piece of music I have enjoyed at some time in my life. I hope you enjoy them as well. Let me know and please feel free to Reblog.

Seeing as it’s Halloween and I am feeling just a little bit spooky – here are five, yes 5, songs I have enjoyed which may well help to set the mood. 

First up is the magnificent Marilyn Manson with his version of This is Halloween from the wonderfully creepy The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Second up is the sensational Annie Lennox with Love Song For a Vampire.

Next is The Monster Mash. Originally written & released way back in 1962, it has been a seasonal favourite ever since.

Last but one is the deliciously disturbing ‘They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!’  released in 1966 by Napoleon XIV. The ‘B’ side included the exact same song in reverse!

And finally, for all of you beautiful goth creatures, here is a brilliant version of a song called Come Little Children from the film Hocus Pocus.

6 responses to “The 1951 Rolling Review Show … # 5 (Halloween Special)

  1. A fantastic collection of magical songs Kris.
    All the best

  2. Thank you for this awesome selection of spooky music!

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