my sunday poem … # 12

my sunday poem … # 12

I wrote this poem in January 1977 while I was living in Norfolk.
It could get pretty bleak there in winter when the cold wind blew straight across from Siberia like a breath of ice and the hard frosts could almost freeze your bones. It was the price you paid for such stunningly beautiful landscapes.


The Winter Gallery

I had a winter gallery
Set in deep woods and wild fields.
And there I would linger
Among the portraits and glass-flower images
Until the last glimmering rays of sun
Had left pale-red rivers in the darkening sky
And the twilight world was cold and still.

I would wander in the moonlit garden
And find myself an avenue
Lined with white-tinsel trees
Etched with the mystic silence
Of a thousand half-held dreams
That lay beyond the garden wall.

Walking through the frozen fields
The air so crisp and still.
The evening lights stood out
All glistening stars of ice and fire
Each holding in their distant gleam
A promise of the coming spring.

reach-for-the-stars (1)_kindlephoto-136890406


11 responses to “my sunday poem … # 12

  1. lovely – let’s hope it’s not a forecast for 2016

  2. Loved it Chris. I especially liked your introduction. I have many fond memories of seeing a glorious blue sky on a wonderful sunny summer day, and stepping outside only to be assaulted by a very cold wind coming off the North Sea! It builds character (so I am told)!

  3. That’s beautiful, Kris!

  4. When winters were winters Kris.
    Beautiful poem. Sums up perfectly the cold flat almost deserted reach of Norfolk.

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