The 1951 Club … Meet the Staff # 1

IThe 1951 Club … Meet the Staff # 1


This is Dave. He is the official 1951 Club cat, a position he has filled admirably these past two years. Dave only has one good eye having apparently lost the other in a scrap. He makes up for this by looking at everything twice. Sensible chap.


He is one of the many bin cats who hang about in our particular neck of the woods. He turned up unannounced on our balcony one day. I suspect we are but one stop along his food route as everybody seems to know him hereabouts.

Solero Twins & Dave (on the right)_kindlephoto-335076162

Dave on the bins (right) … in a purely supervisory role.

And finally … Dave’s message to his fans.



10 responses to “The 1951 Club … Meet the Staff # 1

  1. Hi Dave! I don’t know how many Rays you know but, even though I have a distinct dislike (really distinct dislike) of cats, I will say Hi. Woof! Ray.

  2. Aha One-Eyed Dave his very self!! What a fine figure of a feline he is. He looks sharp enough to only need one eye, I reckon. And he’s certainly got the run of those bins. Terry sends a big ‘paws up’ and hopes to sniff his bottom sometime soon.

  3. Love Dave. He’s got something …

  4. A gorgeous feline to be sure! I have two rescue kittens that guard the home from really nasty things like bugs, boxes, plastic wrap and the like. They’re good guys. President Snow and Peeta send their hello’s. Also I’ve started a new blog if you would check it out. Thanks!

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