When will it end ?

When will it end ?



12 responses to “When will it end ?

  1. Who,knows… But it needs to end soon…

    • Hi there Ritu. Thanks for dropping by. Caused by poisoned minds and hearts. So sad as life can be hard enough anyway.
      One sweet day.

      • No worries Chris.
        A friend on FB posted last night about why there was no ‘change your profile pic to support Pakistan’, like they have had for so many other tragedies…
        It’s true, though. Many other countries suffer these tragedies yet the ‘prayers’ aren’t there in the same way, unlike the recent European attacks, and Paris last year…
        Last time I looked, you cut us, we all bleed the same…
        Surely a child is a child, and the grief for a list life should be the same, regardless of where that person lives.
        Last night’s attack shows one huge thing. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Pakistan is an Islamic country.
        Those who are attacking are cowards, using Islam as a shield, and tainting their own religion’s name in the process…

        Sorry…. Off my soap box now!!!

      • I’ve read other similar criticisms over coverage/awareness in various social media. All we can do is to make our prayers (if indeed we do pray) global for all victims of terrorism. Personally … I think there should be an official flag representing the whole planet together with a world anthem.

      • Now that’s a thought!!

  2. Given the history of our species I don’t think that it will ever end, but hopefully it can be constrained far better than it is at the present.
    Even the concept of one world governing body, and one standard of living, is flawed because certain countries will be fighting over how much control they want! Sadly, we probably need a nuclear conflagration to wake every body up to the realities of the need for world peace… but who will survive?

    • Thank you, Colin. I suppose we are a developing species so who knows what is in store for us. Maybe we are just going to have to sit on the naughty step for a few thousand years until we learn how to get along. The fact that the vast majority of us hate acts of terrorism and similar attrocities means we have begun the process. Just cannot ever understand why so many people have to be killed or maimed.

      • Let us hope that the better educated we (worldwide) become, and the more we express ourselves via the internet, then perhaps the less powerful the various leaders will become (because the less gullible the population will become). Just a thought. Where there’s life… there’s hope!

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