The Fecking 1951 Club Revisited …

The Fecking 1951 Club Revisited …

Today we are revisiting a post I wrote way back in fecking 2012. Back in those days I had all of 31 followers. The situation has improved very nicely thanks to you . But one can never have too many followers. So make fecking sure you give this a LIKE And a fecking COMMENT would be nice. And a fecking REBLOG certainly wouldn’t go amiss either. And if you are not FOLLOWING me, then why the feck not, you fecking fecker!




16 responses to “The Fecking 1951 Club Revisited …

  1. It;s the feckin’ 7th of April!

  2. I’m on the floor with all that fecking. 😀

  3. How about adding some other icons so we can fecking share?! Twitter, for instance.

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