Don DeLillo … I wish I had started earlier.

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Routine Matters

Don DeLillo … I wish I had started earlier.

Delillo_typewriterDon  DeLillo at home  with his trusty Olympia manual typewriter. 

 Award-winning author Don DeLillo was born November 20, 1936. The American novelist, playwright and essayist has been variously described as the laureate of terror and the chief shaman of the paranoid school of American fiction. Initially a well-regarded cult writer, the publication in 1985 of White Noise brought him widespread recognition, and was followed in 1988 by Libra, a bestseller. DeLillo has twice been a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction finalist (for Mao II in 1992 and for Underworld in 1998.)


 He was interviewed in 1992 for the Paris Review Art of Fiction series. Americana, his first novel, was published in 1971. It took him about four years to write. At the time he was living in a small studio apartment in Manhattan. 

I wish I had started earlier, but evidently I…

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