The 1951 Club …. over 60s Guide to Carbon Dating.

Watkins recently asked for a reblog. Until recently I thought it was a plumbing term. Apparently not it seems. So here in all its glory is The 1951 Club Guide to Carbon Dating as written by Watkins himself.

1951 Club

My occasional gardener and odd-job man Watkins  (born 1927) has always been a man of some industry and enterprise.
He has recently started his own online dating website for the over 6os … the very aptly named

Ever vigilant as to the perils and pitfalls of online dating Watkins has compiled the following brief pictorial guide to help you with that vital step towards finding cyber-romance … the all important first date.

Please note this item first appeared on this blog in 2012.

Always be honest when submitting a picture for your online profile.

Always agree to meet in a public place on your first date.

Always remember that you will both be a little nervous on your first date … so make allowances.

A gift of flowers is always a nice touch …

Never give out personal details on a first date … they may come…

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2 responses to “The 1951 Club …. over 60s Guide to Carbon Dating.

  1. Love it :o) …. ! Hilarious!!!! :o) … the photos are P E R F E C T !!!!!

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