I, Writer # 1

Routine Matters

I, Writer # 1


After almost 65 years I have decided that enough is enough.
I am going to become a full-time writer. So I will need to buy a pencil sharpener. I intend to get it at the little stationery shop in the village of Karousades just a short walk from where I live. The owner is a very nice guy. He speaks a little English. I speak a little Greek. The first time we met, he was standing behind his counter with a very attractive young woman.This is when he told me that his name was Napoleon.

” So this must be Josephine,” I quipped.
“No. This is my daughter,” came the terse reply.

We laugh about it now. Well, one of us does.


Now, I am aware that becoming a full-time writer entails a bit more than the purchase of a pencil sharpener. So join me I…

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