I, Writer # 2 (Once upon a time … )

Routine Matters


Last time you will remember I told you of my intention to take the plunge and become a full-time writer. I read somewhere quite recently that books apparently don’t write themselves. Well that little revelation hit me like a bloody express train I can tell you.


So, apart from the aforementioned pencil sharpener, I will definitely need some form of writing routine. When it comes to achieving my goal it is comforting to know that I have the accumulated wisdom and experience of countless successful writers, both past and present, at my disposal – a dash of Dahl and a touch of Tolstoy, a generous helping of Hemingway and a pinch of Potter. I will be in such grand company.


Note to self – read up about Dalton Trumbo

A couple of folk have already very kindly suggested that I merely pull my proverbial finger out and just get on…

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10 responses to “I, Writer # 2 (Once upon a time … )

  1. Some people say you could/should set aside specific hours of the day for writing; kind of as if you were going to an office job. I like the combined list of authors your writing-wisdom encompasses. If you are Dahl/Tolstory,Hemingway/Potter (and perhaps Trumbo?), what a success you’ll be!

    • Aye … but I’d be a bloody nightmare to live with. I think I may well go with specific hours. Thank you so much for your very welcome comment. All the best. Kris.

  2. It is a hard journey to start but once you’ve pulled out the drive, I’m sure you’ll find the right lane for yourself!

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