Clubhouses … on the subject of.

Clubhouses … on the subject of.


The Clubhouse at Sunningdale Golf Club, Berkshire, England.


Royal & Ancient Clubhouse at St. Andrews in Scotland.

I think you’ll admit that when it comes to clubhouses these golfing types know a thing or two. Watkins, my part-time gardener and social events secretary, reminded me of an old golfing proverb the other day.

“It is not the club in your life that matters but the life in your club.”

Bloody silly if you Absolute codswallop.  Pure jibberish. Anyway, the 1951 Club does boast an exclusive clubhouse itself.


It is a glorious edifice is it not. Architect designed and built to last. It has recently been drawn to my attention that it is looking just a trifle neglected. So do any of you good folk out there have any practical ideas as to how we can spruce it up a bit ? Nothing drastic mind you. Just some jolly good old fashioned tender loving care.  Watkins has dutifully volunteered to do all the donkey work. I will be standing by with a first-aid kit in hand, together with a hip-flask of medicinal brandy in case of accidents. Please will you be so kind as to place your suggestions in the box provided.


24 responses to “Clubhouses … on the subject of.

  1. Keep that first aid kit handy, for god’s sake!! Who knows what damage Watkins could do to himself. Perhaps a lick of paint and a few saucy posters would cheer the place up a bit?

    • Ah yes, Watkins.It doesn’t bear thinking about. We ran clean out of pressure bandages last week. Must remember to restock. Paint – I have a job-lot of battleship grey somewhere in the garage. Posters – saucy posters – Heinz Tomato Ketchup. That sort of thing. Excellent.I’ll get right onto it. Thank you so much for your advice. Hope the book is going well. All the very best.

      • Watkins was at the forefront of my mind last night as I was building a little fire in the garden when I cut my hand on a gnarly old piece of wood. It wasn’t the wood that made me think of him, rather my injury. Keep an eye on the old chap for me.
        Always pleased to be of assistance, I can assure you. The book is so very nearly finished! I hate the cover though. Pah.

      • Never judge a book by its cover. 👀😁

      • You are so very wise. I’m not keeping that horrid cover, however.

  2. All those two golf clubs tell me is that they have a very high maintenance budget, which dictates very high membership costs, which dictates a very high “snob factor”. i.e. Membership is, by financial necessity, exclusive.
    As for your club house??? Well that is what happens when you operate on a zero maintenance budget!

    • Well, less than zero actually.The price of creosote is absolutely astronomical these days.I will most definitely do some urgent research on this snob factor thing..We may well be getting a door … with a bell. That should help bring the punters in. Thank you so much for dropping by, Colin

  3. I suggest a geodesic design for those with a green empathy, and a club around the ear for those who don’t? B

    • Bloody hell. After your suggestion I have indeed gathered some basic information about geodesic design. This was part out of interest and part out of not wanting to get an ear-bashing.It sounds expensive though. Perhaps a box of matches and a can of petrol would be cheaper.Thank you for being here and your very thoughtful suggestion. All the best.

  4. I’m thinking… a door, would really jazz the place up. Give a real sense of that regal exclusivity.

  5. But your Carbon Footprint in the Sand Trap of Life would be deleterious to your image and a geodesic dome lets in the sunlight, not the caddies.

    • I see where you’re coming from on this one, Bruce.
      I am now considering a caddy-friendly geodesic dome bar.
      I have just mentioned this to Watkins. He is about to attack me I fear.

  6. Some flowers around might already suffice, Kris! It looks very… cozy!

  7. What’s wrong with it? It’s perfect. It’s just a matter of perspective.

    • Well Cynthia, I think you may well have hit the jolly old proverbial nail on the proverbial head.
      I have several suggestions to consider so I think I will sleep on it. Thank you so much. All the best.

  8. A comfortable chair, something to put your feet on (a second chair would do), and a good book. Oh, and a prop on the left side so it doesn’t lean any further. It’ll be perfect.

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